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​《Regular menu table》
Facial course


Alkaline peeling suitable for sensitive skin Only available at clinics outside of Japan A skin peeling that originated in Korea and activates collagen while removing unnecessary proteins has become overwhelmingly popular in Korea and Japan. Possible once a week. [Plasma facial] Plasma facial using German patented semiconductor A facial that uses multi-wavelength plasma, which is said to be the best plasma in the world, and is more effective than a clinic that can treat all your concerns, including pore spots, melasma, aging skin, acne, and atopic dermatitis. It is said that 90% of acne bacteria can be killed with just 15 seconds of irradiation, making it extremely effective. At Amélie Beaute, we use two plasma devices to thoroughly apply the target to make sure we don't miss any hits. Possible once a week.

The high-frequency treatment device Thermatrix is ​​a cutting-edge skin treatment device that emits both high frequency and fractional RF. It is possible to increase elasticity through collagen production, improve acne scars, normalize sebum secretion, and tighten facial lines. The effect doubles when combined with 
Lhalala Peel and Plasma. Possible once every two weeks.

【Thermolift RF
A thermal lift-up machine that uses radio waves.
Myofascial release at a frequency of 40.68MHz.
Relieve stiffness and lift up the face.
Possible once a week.

LDM polka dot lifting
This is a treatment that uses the latest high-density ultrasound therapy equipment to perform lifting without pain or downtime.
Gives high-density vibrational energy to the movement of cells that have slowed down due to aging, giving the skin elasticity, and by changing the frequency, it effectively approaches the causes of various symptoms such as wrinkles, sagging, acne, and atopic dermatitis. To do.
Furthermore, it increases collagen production, making the skin fresh and tightening, and is useful for skin treatment and creating healthy, youthful skin.
In addition, LDM irradiation does not cause strong irritation to the skin and induces the activity of naturally occurring cellular units, so there is no pain or side effects.
This is a skin-friendly treatment that can be used by people who are sensitive to pain or who have previously been unable to undergo laser treatment due to sensitive skin.
Possible every day.


No. 1 in popularityblemishes/melasma/rough skin/acne/shiny skin
Lhalala Peel & W plasma & LDM polka dot introduction ¥35,800

Spots and melasma/acne care/pore care/shiny skin/
Sterilization + cell activation & stain care with Lhalala Peel, plasma shower and plasma jet double plasma! Introducing LDM polka dots such as Rejuran, extra ¥2200 for exosomes

No. 2 in popularity Pores/Tightening/Glossy skin
Lhalala Peel & Thermatrix ¥34,800
An easy-to-use menu that adds high-frequency Thermatrix to Lhalala Peel.
Leaves your skin feeling fresh and elastic.

No. 3 in popularityFull-course improvement for perfect skin quality
Lhalala Peel & Therma & W plasma & LDM polka dot introduction ¥41800
A full course on popular machines.
A special course that includes everything from pores, elasticity stains, and whitening.

on all menus
Includes neck shoulder massage and head massage

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